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Saturday, September 5, 2009

CHEAP Herstyler Zebra Pattern Set

Hey lovely ladies,

I just ordered a set of Herstyler (the brand I currently use) straightener, mini straightener, and curler all for $70. These are super cute - zebra pattern! The mini straightener hooks up to the cigarette lighter. There is also a regular black set which is a bit cheaper. Usually ONE straightener is $50-$200 depending which booth in the mall you get it in. So this is a great deal.


This complete hair set includes: 
Mini Hair straightener: Mini hair straightener for you last minute hair design needs. Unique for easier and more comfortable styling. Lightweight to fit your tavel needs. 100% ceramic plates generates 6x more negative ions than regular iron. Can be used on any type or texture of hair. Ready to use in 30 seconds. 
Colorful seasons hair straightener: Solid ceramic plates for fast and consistent straightening. Smooths hair quicker for less dryness, frizz and heat styling damage. The easiest way to straighten your hair. Leaves your hair with a glossy shine and preserves moisture. Can be used on any type or texture hair. 100% ceramic plates to reduce heat exposure. 

Baby curls grande: Now you can create curls, waves and incredible body to your styles with the Herstyler professional curling iron, easy and fast to use. Different from any other curling irons you saw so far. The patented instant tourmaline heat technology allows you to curl your hair almost immediately after turning your iron on.

for 35% off! I saved $35.

Super cute. Go get it before it runs out! Here's a youtube review/tutorial on it by sccastenada.

Happy Labor Day weekend ! (:


kristy darling said...

i saw those on amiclub! and i wanted the zebra 1 sooo bad.. cuz i wanna curl my hair but i was afraid it was cheap stuff :(

MiiSZTW said...

no its not !! i have their brand and its gooood stuff. haha get it before it runs out. its super cute :P

Kathy said...

are the heat settings adjustable?

Anonymous said...

Where is it i cant find it i tryed searching on tye site but i cant find it